Meet The Team

Cameron Art


I have been designing tabletop games since high school, self-publishing my own games before joining the team at Keymaster Games as a Developer / Solo Designer.

I started PickPocket as an outlet to create games that are meant to be shared. My focus is on publishing smart, accessible designs with a high attention to detail and production value.

When I'm not making or playing games, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons, reading fantasy novels, and watching shows on Dropout.

Josh Willenbrink


Longtime nerd. I have a deep love for games, comic books, and music. A few years ago, my career in the non-profit industry was eating me up. I chose to pivot my career into something I still cared about but that I hoped would be a better fit for my goals.

Over the past few years I have had the joy of helping good games get on tables around the world. My goal is to support the talent and creativity I enjoy on a weekly basis.

When I’m not working on board games, I enjoy playing video games with my wife, finding comics for my collection, and listening to new music.